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A new addition of the garage – Vmax 1200

So, a couple of friends have decided to get themselves some Harleys and head out on some rides. I couldn’t possibly buy a Harley, sorry, just no, but I also couldn’t ride along with them on something like the Katana.

Budget conscious for once and knowing it wouldn’t get much use I scoured the local classifieds for a cool old bike that wouldn’t be out of place in their crowd. I stumbled across a nice-looking Vmax with Kenny Roberts colour from a dealer in Ajman. The advert for the year wrong, by about 10 and also neglected to mention the V-Boost wasn’t working, so I passed on that one. Then this lovely, low mileage, 2 owner, bog standard, but rather weathered, Vmax 1200 popped up about 500 metres from my villa. The deal was done the next morning and it has taken me to work a few times already.

Naturally I find myself searching for accessories, performance and handling upgrades, but then I remind myself of its purpose… we’ll see, it does shake its head a bit and those bias ply tyres aren’t the best J


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