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…well it is about my cars and my bikes really. I’ve loads of photos and tales stored away on PC and in mind, so wanted to get them down somewhere – its cathartic. I’m also experimenting with WordPress so excuse any mistakes, dodgy links and clumsy pages!

Living in Dubai you need a hobby, you also need an air-conditioned garage for much of the year if your hobby is cars and bikes. Dubai and the UAE are packed with super cars and exotics and there are many sites to see these on. I’m slowly uncovering a growing classic and retro scene – more of that elsewhere later.

So about me. A UK ex-pat, living here since 2008 – yes I came over during the crash. Work-wise, nothing to do with cars and bikes, I’m just an amateur and certainly not a gifted one. I am however gifted with a very understanding wife and the ability to pursue some of my desires and follies.

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