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1983 Austin Mini Mayfair


Hard times, student lifestyle and a lack of money meant the Landrover had to go and the lack of a decent parking space meant a small car was required, I went for a Mini Mayfair resplendent in red and rust. As a mechanical genius I bought a complete lemon and the engine died within about a week of purchase. I then made a second inspired choice and chose a cheap engine swap place from Exchange and Mart. Another long story, but they apparently went bust (not the first time it turns out) whilst they were working on the engine. The industrial estate they worked in was baring access and it all turned messy. I arrange to meet them all to take back what was left of my engine – but turned up heavy handed and with the blessing of the estate took my old engine and a new almost completed one that I was sure had some of my parts in 🙂

Despite the rebuilt engine the Mini was never good, but there are few good memories from this one and it hasn’t put me off them and I will have a good old Cooper one day. It was also the going away car from my first wedding, there is a picture somewhere of it cling-filmed with a window box and flowers on the roof!

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