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Audi TT 3.2 v6 Quattro


Audi TT v6.jpg

After six months or so in a series of hired Mitsubishi Lancers for the daily grind of the Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and the constant, yes constant, ‘bong’ about 120kph. I finally decided I’d be staying Dubai beyond my six month contract and bought a car.

One of the things about Dubai is that it is a pretty transient place and people come and go regularly – this leads to lots of time sensitive sales and opportunities and issues. With Dubai suffering in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/9 many people were leaving and had cars to sell quickly. Some friends of mine were heading out to Singapore and wanted rid of an almost brand new Audi TT for the cost of clearing the remaining finance.

Not my first choice as I’m neither a girl nor a hairdresser, but I am a sucker for a deal. I hadn’t seen the car, but it turned out it ticked all the boxes if I was to choose one. Dark grey, dark red leather, quattro and of course the V6. A great car with no real stories.

I could never shake the hairdresser issue and my friends were relentless in reminding me, so after a year or so it went. I must admit I only really drove it in sport mode and with the paddles in the last week I had it – it really transformed the car, perhaps if I hadn’t already lined up its successor I’d have kept it longer – but was a successor!

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