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Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6

Peugeot 205 GTI green.jpg

Finally, something on message, a return to a previously owned car and one of my favourites. This time a 205 GTI in limited edition laser green – seeing the prices of these now this is certainly a ‘should have kept it’ car. Still a 1.6 as I’m firmly in the its better than the 1.9 camp.

It absolutely lived up to expectation – dispatching Stockenchurch Hill, my road of choice, with ease, it had the balance I remembered and sideways on the slippery leaf covered and winding B road was a daily wakeup call.

At high speed on the motorway one day I spotted smoke out the back which stopped when I slowed. It took me a while but I worked out the rear beam was compressing and at high speed the camber on the wheels meant they rubbed the inner wings, hence the smoke. Searching high and low for a new one, the internet came up trumps. They were the same as that on the XS and I found one badly listed on ebay which I bought for £1… and collected and fitted myself. I think the old beam remained in my soon to be ex-wifes back garden (she got the house!) for a decade.

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