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Renault 19 RSI Executive Cabriolet


I think in retrospect this is the only brand new car I have ever owned/had and I loved it. Funded by the company, Renault London on the Westway has 6 runout models left, 2 yellow, 2 blue and 2 burgundy. I wanted yellow, but by the time the business had sorted the finance there was only the burgundy left, so it was that I got. It was a great car and for a four seat convertible I still think one of the best looking with the hood down. The rear cover and buttresses just worked.

Of course, being a new Renault it had to go back for a new gearbox after a couple of months, but was otherwise faultless right up until the business reneged on the payments and it was repossessed from the Buckinghamshire Golf Club!

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