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Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The move to Dallas was work driven, but only lasted 6 months before I was back in Dubai. I didn’t imagine we’d be back so quickly and to ease the pain of selling my Dubai toys I threw myself into the US market – all cash buys and crazy insurance too as of course I had no credit rating.

I had liked my Avalanche, but always admired a Raptor and on the wide roads of Texax, where better.

Only one story as it was such a short time over there. Having arrived from abrad with only a UK and UAE driving licences I had to take a Texas test. The theory was one hurdle but I limped over, with no preparation and taking it on the day I enquired about the process. The practical was another story.

I was turned away the first time as I had no number plate, who knew, after all it was in the glove box when I bought the car.

On the day, how I laughed when I turned up in my mighty Raptor and saw a procession of what looked like 12 year olds in their little compact cars. Joining the queue I realised the laugh was on me as we all had to parallel park into the same sized space – approx. the same length as my SuperCrew Raptor. Luckily the cameras saved me and the engine didn’t stall at the mandated 20mph zones on the route!

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