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Dallas and an empty garage

Filling the void in my life with the sales of the Lotus and the Karmann Ghia I jumped straight in with a Jensen Interceptor III. This was another car I’d admired for years and associated with a story may father told of a colleague having one, the awful fuel consumption – gallons per mile they used to say, and him rolling it and almost dumping his kids out of the rear hatch.

But these accident stories have never put me off.

This Jensen was a bit of a sorry state, bought upstate from a guy with a few hot-rods and a cool airstream caravan, it had had some work but little maintenance. Bumperless and with the B pillar badge recesses filled, it also lacked a lot of the chromework, but I liked the look. Most of the dials didn’t work and the electrics was a mess.


This is an on-going story…

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