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Porsche COA

Porsche USA offer a great Certificate of Authenticity, for a small fee they’ll send you the basic details and options of your cars build, its birth certificate as it were. Not as thorough as the factory Kardex you hear talked about, but it gives enough info for me and of course I already know I have an earlier replacement engine. I ordered mine, it takes a while, longer if it never arrives at your New York shop-and-ship forwarding address… But in fairness when I followed up Porsche sent another out for no extra charge. The COA will also help me when it comes to getting the year of manufacture corrected with the RTA in Dubai.

IMG_3837 copy

So what did it tell me:

When you use the various online lookup services the VIN number tells you the year and invariably returns an engine range – from 1600 normals to S’s S-90’s etc. nothing firm. I know mine currently carries a normal 1600 from 1960. The COA confirms the original,  was actually a 1600 S, the slightly more powerful 75hp version. Note there is a ‘ringing’ issue with the COA and now Porsche won’t supply the engine number on the COA unless you tell them what you have – so I’ve blanked mine.

I’ve got the transmission number that I need to check to see if it is original, I learn the ratios from that.

Optional equipment was limited, exterior mirror, ventilated chrome wheels (still there), ‘Roadmaster’ Horn (air-horns, long gone) and Dunlop B7 Tires (hopefully changed!).

So, interesting but nothing newsworthy, except of course the Interior Material Colour. Now the car had tan carpets (those nasty aftermarket over-glued ones, I fought with in 50 degrees) light brown leatherette seats, door panels etc. I’ve cleaned up the seats and doorpanels/caps etc and they came up well. I’ve ordered high quality tan German square weave carpets and the correct rubber mats. As a coupe I’ve also ordered the matching Tan rear panel cover and a new white headliner whilst I’m at it. So the full interior in Tan/Light brown which will work really well with the new/original Bali Blue paintwork.

The COA which arrived this week (Aug)… Interior Colour – Red Leatherette. Oh well so much for back to original…

To hell with it – red re-trim

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