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Registration woes…

Next was to register the car – after some debate I chose the Dubai Classic plate route –

5 trips to the RTA in 2 days and no resolution, sadly I guess that isn’t a record??

So, my 356 is finally restored and ready – off it went to the ATCUAE for the classic test and passed. Then it’s just insurance, done, and register the car and get plates. Simple process…

A quick trip to the RTA Al Twar, nr Terminal 2, where I’ve done my previous classics and got the plates and I’m told they don’t do the classic reg anymore so send me to Tasjeel in Barsha (others available, Qusais, Wasl etc)

Barsha tell me they can’t enter the pass manually (as Al Tawr used to). Bring the car in and they’ll test it and ‘do the needful’. I then spoke to ATC who said no it needs to be at Al Twar – did I go to the right one?

Next trip to the RTA at the Al Twar Centre – no not here sir, go to RTA nr Terminal 2 – oh yes I know that one… Went there, ‘no not here it changed last week’ put them on the phone to ATC, ‘okay, back to Barsha’ and put them on the phone…

It turns out the ATC test isn’t automatically updated on ‘the system’ it has always been done manually on registration.

… so back to Barsha – put them on the phone to ATC… nope can’t be done manually, an RTA decision a couple of months ago.

ATC say it has to be done manually and still is. RTA say it needs to be on the system or bring it to them to test.

So my lovely 356 is ready, registration still pending whilst ATC discuss the process directly with RTA.

To be fair it is a system failing – the Supervisors at both Barsha and Al Twar have both been helpful, but the computer says no…


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