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Megasquirt time.

With the interior done and the cooling sorted, it is time to sort the smell!

The TVR runs very rich and the fumes are bad – hydro-carbons are off the chart, so its mostly been parked up at my office whilst I focus on other things. I have driven it to and fro a few times, but another issue is that when you hit the ac on the idle drops too far and it dies.

Initial thoughts were to take the heads off and give them a good clean, then sort out the fueling etc, but never one to do half measures I decided to go Megasquirt – add an after market ecu and generally upgrade the ignition system.

After a bit of research I learned the old 14CU or ‘flapper’ system in my TVR wasn’t the best for conversion, so I sourced a 14CUX full system and EFI setup from a later Discovery, a ‘hot-wire’ system.

So this now sits alongside a full Megasquirt II kit from MS2tuning in the UK, waiting for installation.

The kit comprises:

  • Megasquirt MS2 from Extra Efi in the UK
  • Complete Bespoke wiring loom, including all fuses and relays needed
  • VW Wasted spark coil packs
  • Moroso HT Leads
  • Spartan wideband Lambda Controller, sensor and wiring
  • 36 minus 1 trigger wheel, mounting bracket and sensor
  • Base Map


Roll on the install 🙂



'87 TVR 420SE

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