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Bella, so let’s begin…

Easy work first – strip what was partially assembled, send it for blasting and powder coating.

There is a good community hidden away in Dubai and Sharjah for old bikes and cars, one I’m getting to know better and better. There are also some reasonably good services out there, little first class, but for a project like the Bella, they are fit for purpose.

The frame etc was blasted and coated in pretty industrial fashion, but it worked and after re-cutting a few threads I was happy.

For the bodywork I was pointed to a specialist and I must say the service was great. Wayne at Blastech worked his magic and then pointed me to Will at Dentmaster. Needless to say I’d happily recommend them both and have been back to Will for the bodywork on my CBX.

A classic burgundy and light cream – should be good.

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