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TVR, engine out.

With the Porsche 356 done (well for now) attention turns to the TVR. I’ve got all sorts of poly bushes, steering parts, shocks etc to fit and of course the Megasquirt kit. So off to AAA and it made sense to pull the engine out whilst it was on the ramps.

With the sump off a quick inspection showed the crankshaft bearing were on their last legs so a rebuild is in order – just as well the engine was already out.

So what are we looking at – first was to work out the spec. The 420SE is a rare beast collective wisdom suggests its a 420 SEAC development engine with milder cams. I can confirm this seems to be the case and the spec seems to be on message – stainless steel valves, 93.5mm pistons, although Omega not Cosworth. Lots of porting, etc.

The pistons seems okay, but the rings need replacing and it needs new liners. As we are going with new tophat liners it makes sense to replace the older pistons too – they stopped making them around 1988, so rings are hard to find and over £200 to make…

We are thinking going out to 94.5mm and bringing it up to a 430 🙂

Engine out and Megasquirt plans mean we can do some cosmetics too – cleaning up the bay, a bit of paint and also ditching some of the defunct electrics.

Engine out and ready for surgery

Ports and pistons – Omega not Cosworth


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