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1982 Ford XR2

Ford Fiesta XR2.JPG

After the Beetle I went boy racer – A lovely standard mark one XR2 in the best colour, red. 1600cc, 4 speed with carbs of course. JWC212Y. A stunning car, I terrorized the streets of Bedford and beyond in this for about a year.

What a great car, not too quick so you could find its limits and a really good car to learn in. I was doing a few courses at the time, rally and early track days associated with work and this was the car that took the abuse.

A short trip to work through the country lanes most weekends was the highlight. Some proper twisties with a few hair pin corners thrown in. I still maintain that such was the balance and gearing I could throw this car round there better than any other I tried, I even went back a few years later in some much more powerful machinery and failed to match those times and that feel.

I popped a few drive shafts coming out of a bend on full lock mind you, but that was all part of the fun. That said I’m not sure my parents remember the rescue calls and bills so fondly.

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