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1986 Peugeot 205GTI, 1.6

Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 Black.jpg

Amazing how you remember the early registrations! D294BLA.

I came into some cash, long story, my more sensible older sister saved hers, mine went on this beauty. Obviously I’m in the ‘the 1.6 was a better car than the overpowered 1.9’ camp. Less torque-steer and better gear ratios, but then I would be as that’d what I had. This car carried me through to my first year at university in London.

A great car to have as an impoverished student, but when it holed the radiator I just topped it up regularly rather than fix it – come a hard winter and it being left at my Halls of Residence over Christmas the cold and lack of anti freeze took its toll. On returning in January – one turn of the key and a frozen engine cracked the block and bent the majority of valves – a costly repair and one I couldn’t afford. Luckily my parents stepped in again. They only time either of them visited my university, my father came to look at the car, I had stupidly parked it below four storeys of student kitchens so it was covered in kitchen waste ejected from said windows – I blame one particular flat and individual. The scene wasn’t helped by some other ‘friends’ wanting to use my flat over the break and on not having keys smashing a window to break in, you can imagine the state of the flat after a week.

Anyway this is a car blog…

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