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BMW 635csi



Many years ago when I was around 10 years old my father had some good years and made some good money. Never a massive car guy he indulged himself, his business partner had an early 928s, and he went for an V12 XJS. This was followed by an early BMW 635csi. Unfortunately, when just a few months old and my father was away, my mother totalled the car coming off the M4 at Newbury, no abs it locked up coming down the off ramp and hit an articulated lorry of the roundabout. We lost a dog that day, but were incredibly lucky. The car was such a mess my father walked straight past it when he went to see it with the insurance assessor. Incredibly, when it had front, rear and side impacts through spinning, they wanted to rebuild it. He refused and they paid out instead. Next for him was a 735i with abs and for me a morbid fascination with getting a 635 myself.

’88 Dolphin grey, bbs alloys, new black leather interior, how could I refuse. Another car that my other half never really bonded, I kept it over the summer and the AC wasn’t good. It was a third car and hardly used so inevitably it was sold as I chased another whim. The 928s4.


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