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BMW M6 Convertible V10

BMW M6 vert.jpgAmid all these classics and retros I often crave a bit of modernity, or reliability. It is normally a passing phase borne of frustration with a particular project. If I can hold out long enough it passes and I won’t have wasted too much money – some may say it should be the other way around.

This is what led me to the V10 M6 cabrio – an awesome car by every measure. 500hp like my wife’s Cayenne, but delivered in a completely different manner. The soft top failed a couple of times (fixed by hitting it with a hammer, I kid you not!) Oddly it stayed up, but thought it was down and the windows therefore stayed down. Not good in a Dubai 50 degree summer.

The car was great, but I was bored. It did everything perfectly, but wasn’t inspiring. I tried an Eissenmann exhaust and RPI intakes – it just made it too noisy and didn’t light any spark. So it went for something practical. Maybe the first signs of my inner red-neck and all this press Texas.M6-1.jpegM6-2.jpeg

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