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Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia

Ford Focus.JPG

I’m not going to drag out the story of some of these cars, just document them where there are no real tales or lighter moments. The stand out from this was it was a bargain, one previous owner who’d ticked every box on the list, literally all of them, right down to early xenon lamps. About £10k of extras she’d then put less than 5k miles on it in 18 months and sold it for about 40% of the price less the options – if I didn’t know better I’d have thought I’d bought it from my mother…

Around this period I got into Motorbikes and there starts another list for another time. But suffice to say I was commuting on a bike, my wife had the main car, so I decided to indulge myself with a summer of stupidity. With the rise of Ebay, the plan was to re-buy versions of the cars I’d had as a kid, keep them a couple of weeks to reminisce, sell them and move on to the next one. It didn’t start well as my first step was a car I’d never had but wanted…

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