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Honda Civic Aerodeck VTI

Honda Civic Aerodeck VTI.jpg

A grown-up decision with a sting in its tale. The Civic Aerodeck looked like your grandmothers car, okay with a bit of extra trim, but beneath the sheep’s clothing hid a 1.8 VTI engine that revved over 8k. One of the more crude early VTECs, you really felt the switch. Decent leather trim made it a nice place to sit and it was actually both fun to drive and practical.

I put some serious miles on it and even drove it down to the Javea on the Costa Blanca once. It blew its exhaust at the Spanish French border on the way back, so that was an interesting 1000 miles, but at least it drowned out the noise of the arguing kids for most of the journey!

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