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Nissan 200SX S14

200sx s14a.jpg

What a car, 200hp, crude turbo kick, rear wheel drive, and oh so quick through the gears. I think Nissan quoted some awesome 60-100 figures and it felt it.

A great car, it is also another story of woe. I financed the car in my name and the company paid me an allowance and the insurance. The company changed hands and whilst I continued to pay the HP, the insurance lapsed. Sod’s law, on Christmas eve it was stolen – just about to head to the then in-laws and there was no car outside – worse still I only found out about the insurance when I called – not a great Christmas. I reported it to the police, but the fear of the 14k of uninsured outstanding debt stopped me going through the insurance! Some two months later and after a few parking tickets and a clamp the car was impounded and eventually returned with just a few hundred pounds damage – a very lucky escape.

As I’d replaced it the car had to go. Looking back I really enjoyed the good times with this car, it was a great drive.

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