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Renault Clio RT 1.4

Renault Clio.JPG

What would we do in life without parents. Not for the first time, that was probably picking me up when I’d broken down in the Beetle or crashed the XR2, mine stepped up and bailed me out. My mother bought herself a new car and lent us her Clio when the 200SX was stolen. Like all good parents they didn’t want it back when the 200SX reappeared. A dark green, 1.4RT automatic, it was the perfect city car and I think one of the best looking Clio’s they made – especially in 16v and Williams format. That gift served us for a few years until a growing family led us to look for something larger. This was the scary point I almost considered an Escort GTI Estate (I hadn’t even known they did a GTI Escort!)

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