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Porsche 924S

924 mine.jpg

Whilst the Alfa was off the road I bought a lovely Guards Red 924S my first Porsche – the one with the 2.5  Porsche engine, not the VW/Audi an important distinction I’m told.

A side story, when I was a kid, around 12 or so, my Mother went back to College to train as a teacher. This coincided with my Father making a bit of money, so he splashed out on a brand new Guards Red Porsche 924 for her. Too embarrassed to drive it to the college as a mature student, she bought a bike and rode that there instead!

Anyway, mine was a beautiful little car and much better than I imagined. Tail happy, yes, but that’s part of the fun. One other observation is that it was one of the best ‘sleeping cars’ I’ve ever had – no not sleeper, sleeping. With the front seat dropped right back you lay almost flat with the bucket rear seats providing some great pillow support.

The 924 was my companion on one of my worst journeys ever – from Wales to Oxfordshire with two kids with food poisioning. My son and daughter taking turns in the front seat with the sick bucket and rarely passing a service station toilet. A horrible memory but still a great car – it inspired me to the get the 928 so many years later.

Believe it or not, whilst the Alfa was still off being repaired, I was driving the Porsche down in Kent, when an elderly driver mis-judged a junction and slide out on leaves into me. Another faultless write off. Just a smashed front quarter and driveable, the old 924s was worth so little it was uneconomical to repair the pop-ups etc.

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