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Porsche 928 S4


From the days of my 924s and my father’s business partners 928s I have hankered after a S4. I’d actually lean towards an early S now but that’s another story.

One came up for sale in Dubai, one of those distress sales I mentioned previously from someone leaving. He had cherished an nurtured this car – with a history file showing 4x the cost in maintenance than I paid for it. I have to say though I paid his asking price. I didn’t screw him down and take advantage like the ruthless buyer of the other car he was selling did!

Rare for a 928 of this vintage, literally everything worked on it – the electrics are notorious, but I guess this is where all that maintenance money has been spent.

A third or fourth car, I used it a bit but it was just filling a whole that I couldn’t define, ticking a box as I’d done before. I developed no relationship with this car and had no modification plans.

I sold it on after the usual 6 months, to a lovely couple for whom it was a dream car, I cut them a great deal. I saw a year or two later he had it up for sale for twice the price – not sure it sold though.

928_0206.jpg928_1610 (1).jpg928_1613 (1).jpg928_1611.jpg

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