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I love a wedge and am a sucker for pop-ups!


Chest wigs, medallions, Miama Vice, Magnum PI – all these things reek of the 80’s and testosterone… and if one British Car sums up the period it is TVR.

The Tasmin/wedge was awesome and with a V8 some of the performance figures bandied around were unbelievable. Lotus were doing great things with finesse and small capacities, but TVR was proper shed engineering and appreciate that there was no replacement for displacement. It was all noise and grunt.

Now putting the V8 into the wedge was a revelation and the SE models elevate the game. But some people wanted more and could factory order a 390SE with a larger engine and considerably more power. But for some even than wasn’t enough and as a precursor to the legendary SEAC model, 7 420SE models were made as no small premium over the already expensive 390.

I believe just one of these was made LHD and that is the one that found its way to Dubai, to one loyal owner who bought it from new and kept it from 1988 right until 2017 when it fell into my hands – and he kept it pretty much as TVR intended.

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