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All registered and sorted… bang!


All sorted 🙂

I gave in waiting for the ATC to sort it and get the pass registered on the RTA system. They asked for the day to sort it, then didn’t answer the phone for that following day. So I just took the car to Barsha and started a fresh. Arrived 8:30, classic test done and sorted by 9am.

No hassles and hiccups, really easy – a slight delay whilst the RTA added Porsche 356 to the database of cars  I can’t believe it wasn’t already there as there are so many here – Of course, never perfect, it is registered as a 1976, but I’ll change that next time now that it is in the system – a bit like my TVR that is registered as a TVR KREFH… nope not a clue!

Other than that, plates sorted and back to AAA for a proper roadtest/shakedown…

…and then the call saying the engine had gone bang!



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