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Caught up with the old Kat

As I think I mentioned I did try and track down my old Katana. I remember selling it to a guy from the Isle of Man and the helpful chaps on the recently reborn site worked out it was ‘Ash’ a previous moderator on their site and a serial Katanaholic – he has/had some stunning examples!

Sadly on contacting him he remembered selling it to a guy in Birkenhead, but then the trail ran dry. Until now.

Posting on about the new bike and referencing the old one, the current owner has posted. Its great to see the bike is still out there. Somewhere along the line it lost some of the trick bits – the front end – those awesome (and expensive) White Power USD forks – the Harris triple tree and clip ons, the Spondon floating discs etc. It also lost the white magnesium Dymag wheels. But the pink logos are still there and its still running strong.

Here are some pics –

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