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I feel we are on the cusp of progress!

No pictures, but lots of parts have been arriving in recent days. All I need now I to get some shed time and get on with things with my own projects – elsewhere progress on the Jensens is happening.

So whats arrived –

The Bella, a gasket set and a new wiring loom. I’ve recent rebuilt the fuel tap and cleaned lined the tank, so as it sits half dismantled, I think a couple of days concentrated effort and she could be all back together and finally done – batteries are charged, points to do too and I need the stalk for the flower 🙂

Katana, I’ve raided the Rizoma parts catalog – bar end indicators installed but not wired up, tail tidy just needs a bracket fabricating, rear indicators installed but not wired up, mirror on. I did fuel it up after the flight – I think the carbs need a clean. The clocks also don’t work so I’ve got a KOSO dash to install. Then test, register and ride…

The 356 is done – it wasn’t running great when I got it back from restoration, the spark was weak and timing not great. A 123Ignition electronic ignition and new coil had sorted that out and we’ve changed the main jets. She runs great now, a little hot, but that may just be the gauge. I’m looking forward to taking it to its first event in Friday.

The TVR is in for some overdue love – I swapped it and a couple of boxes of bits over then I picked up the 356. So that’s the elements of the Hotwire system and the MS2 fuel injection system to fit. New shocks and poly bushes all round, steering arm joints, uprated water pump, etc. etc. it should come back like a new car, and be able to power the ac in time for the support – the revs used to die off.

Jensen SRT-8 – I’m promised the interior will be finished any day now – finally! the its just pop on the badges, sort the fuel pumps that have stopped working and we are ready to attempt registration. I’ve got the badges to add and the rear hatch struts to add (sourced from the US) ho and of course I need to see what I can do about the steering – not that I’ve driven the car yet to judge the problem

The Zundapp KK200 is still on display at Bikers Cafe in Jumeirah, so I probably need to get that soon and the Jensen in the states – progress there should see the engine and tranny in the freshly prep’d engine bay very soon.

So you can see, in the cusp of progress… and its been busy at work too 🙂



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