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Progress on the Jensen SRT8

Some activity on the Jensen SRT front. We’re racing towards the fishing line. Th guys have been working on the car on the driveway to pull together the final trim etc. They’ve also sorted out the steering ratios. Some final trim fit to do and then we should be good – just the registration hurdle to jump!

A quick visit to the scarily large Saja’a scrap car zone in Industrial City out beyond Sharjah sourced some missing air vent covers from a Chrysler 300C and a drivers side seatbelt.

Every time I think of a trim area that needs sorting the guys are ahead of the game and have already sorted it. The custom fuel tank and filler is in the boot and I wondered about covering that, but they’ve already sorted a cover plate and cap to line in the boot.

Some Flexi hose to connect up the ac vents behind the dash and then replace the wiring shrouding as its hard black plastic and now very brittle, last few bits of trim and we should be done.

Oh yes, hopefully just have to reflash the transmission to get it out of limp mode!

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