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The Bella ’18, as it sits/stands

I guess this deserves as update.

When I moved to the US, we acknowledged that as the bike wasn’t properly imported in the first place, it came in as a box of bits, it would be hard to export officially. So I stripped it and we moved it as a box of bits again, albeit a lot less rusty.

I had pretty much finished the bike – it was all assembled and turning over, it just needed tuning and fettling. No pics though sadly.

Once in the US I did get the chance to reassemble it and you guessed, with the early return to Dubai, it was part stripped again. I’m getting good at this!

Much to my embarrassment it has sat for the last couple of years and I’ve done little to it, just watch it gather dust. I did reassemble it, but then wasn’t happy so apart it came again. I’ve sourced a few more trim bit. Recently cleaned and relined the fuel tank and I have a gasket kit, contacts and new loom to fit.

So I promised myself here – progress soon – well just as soon as I clear some space around it in the garage!

This is pretty much what it will look like – albeit this is a R153, right colours though.

But here it is now…


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