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TVR – some exhausting work whilst waiting for engine parts.

So the engine is out, it only went in for the megasquirt to be fitted, but as always one thing led to another. Whilst its out we checked and it needed a rebuild, finding the old discontinued Omega pistons proved a nightmare, we found one set and rings, but the cost was crazy. So as always I decided to go bigger :). We decided to change the block (I’ll keep the original safe) so we’ve sourced a cross bolted 4.6 block, to which we’ll fit some oversized 96mm pistons, new rods and new top hat liners. Stealth cam kit,  comp head bolts and gaskets, crankshaft space and new bearings along with all the ported and go faster goodies from the 420SE engine and of course the megasquirt should make it quite lively.

Whilst we wait for the parts from V8 Developments in the UK, I’ve taken the opportunity to refresh the suspension with new joints, shocks and polybushes all round. Also had the exhaust manifolds sent off and ceramic coated and a new tailpipe made.

It’s all moving along nicely – as the car should too!

PS – Whilst the engine is out it a good chance to see the radiator solution that sorted the cooling. Good time for some cleaning up too!

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