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Nothing ever fits the car that Jack built (TVR)…

As per the title, nothing ever seems to fit the TVR, frustrating yes, but on deeper investigation usually my fault!

I have a shiny new uprated water pump for the TVR, I bought a few months back, so lets use that on the rebuilt 4.6 block. Of course it doesn’t fit its for a different engine! Oh well, I’ll use it one day when I build up the old and rare NCK engine of the 420. So lets just fit a standard pump from a 4.6…

… of course it doesn’t work, it fits but the 4.6 was serpentine and I need multi-belt. Not a massive problem normally, but it is exasperated by trying to source in the local market but then resorting to importing and the associated delays!

Next, the clutch as this 480SE engine it going to be pretty powerful, so the standard clutch probably not sufficient. So I ordered a McLeod uprated kit which was not cheap and of course from the UK. When it arrives and its time to fit, of course it needs re-drilling for the flywheel oh and a different release bearing. Who’d have known – well anyone that actually read the details on the site I order it from…

I think I’m slowly learning my lesson, but doubt its sunk in yet!


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