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Slow visual progress on the Jensen SRT8 so here are a few detail pics

It may be slow, but it is progress. The guys are working on the car on Fridays in my garage, I think I’ve mentioned it before. We are getting there. Last week for instance was sorting out the boot, boxing off the  wirings and tank vacuum unit – making it all pretty with vinyl ready for the carpet. Fixing a high level LED brake light etc – all the little finishing touches.

At the front the electrician continues to re-wire and re-sheath everything – they originally used a horrible plastic corrugated sheath that has crumbled in the heat, now we have nice new PET stuff, am I repeating myself?

Gas struts for the bonnet are added, the remote release for the boot wired up alone with the door pulls. More interior work. All good stuff.

This week I took it to a transmission specialist to get a proper read of the faults and see why it was in limp mode. There were a fair few stored faults as would be expected, but mainly all four wheel speed sensors not communicating, ensuring limp mode, so that’ll be the focus this Friday.

In the title I promised detail pics so here are a couple – underneath – a lot of custom work on the exhaust and underside of the fuel tank.

Some headlamp close-ups – Challenger units, but lots of re-sculpting to for and the main grill reshaped to follow the curve of the lamp.

Finally, those cool, Interceptor SRT8 badges and a blue FF one in situ

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