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Jensen SRT – slaying the elephant in the room!

So there has been an elephant in the garage, looming over all the recent progress… it won’t shift and is stuck in limp mode. But this weekend we sorted it.

A long story but ever since I got the car we’ve been making progress, but never addressed this issue. I was assured the transmission was fine, but maybe just needed resetting. So eventually in the week we bit the bullet and I took it to a local specialist Dexol to read the fault codes. There were a fair few – but mostly related to the wheel speed sensors – which kind of made sense – so back home and time to check them. Well we would have checked them, but they weren’t fitted. A quick trip to Saaj’a and four used sensors later (Chrysler dealer was useless!) and success, it runs and shifts.

Of course it wasn’t plain-sailing. The car still uses the front suspension and steering from the Jensen, luckily the hubs are Chrysler so the Halls sensor could be drilled into the Jensen carrier and still pick up the magnet.

There were smiles all round 🙂

Now the final stretch, I sourced the wrong final AC pipe, the headlining needs redoing as the ‘board’ was too low so its now going straight to the roof, stereo and speakers… then final fit and trim.

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