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Jensen – she’s a sensitive beast…

So first the good bit – here’s a short video of the Jensen I posted elsewhere – looking great isn’t she JSome great feedback from the local community – JACCK and also from the Jensen group ion Facebook – a few traditionalists, but you can’t please everyone and who would want to!

We really are just days away from finishing this – well first finish. The guys are putting the final touches on the interior and fitting the stereo and trunk cover etc but I only see one more day’s work in that before I try for the RTA testing – a Dubai registration requirement.

So, all good, why the title? She’s a sensitive beast because… well, she is fond of a sensor!

As the guys finalized the A/C, we dyed, re-gassed and tested it and a few o-rings later we have a sealed system – not bad considering it was rebuilt and all the main pipes needed re-routing/modelling due to the new engine bay layout. However, the relay wouldn’t work – we’ve rigged up a bypass to switch the compressor on full (can vary the fan strength) for the short term and worked out the problem. As with the Wheel Speed Sensors, the Evaporator Air Intake Temperature sensor wasn’t there, so it wouldn’t trigger the relay – also the A/C blend door actuators are missed to. I’ve ordered them all so hopefully we’ll have them soon – we don’t really need the actuators in this setup, but better to have them and tuck them away somewhere.

We are almost there – and doesn’t she look awesome!

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