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Not just a Beetle

A long with the Beetle ‘shell’ in the previous post, I also got a host of parts – almost a room full and this… looking more like the second shot!

Built in 2012 by Chico Performance this is we think a 297hp 255lb/ft, 2165cc Turbo EFI drag engine with Chong Woo heads, 40 x 35.5 valves, dual port with matched intakes running a REDLINE  Weber F.I system.

There’s a lot more to it than that, I’m working out the spec and of course having sat for the best part of six years and never being installed or used other than the test bench it’ll need a rebuild. The ECU etc is also missing. A puzzle for sure, but one we’ll get on top of.

Oh and it came with a never used Rancho Pro Drag transmission – ratios could be interesting 🙂


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