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Testing times for the Jensen SRT8

She continues to throw little niggles in our direction, but is almost there. The a/c is sorted, interior all trimmed out and the ICE up and running, even a reversing camera.

All set to go on a low-loader to the  RTA for testing (can’t drive it on the road pre-reg) and it won’t start! We chased the proper to the fuel pump and some dodgy wiring, so fixed that, then the float bowl overflowed, so fixed that. Went to take it to the test again and it overheated due to bad connection on the bottom radiator pipe, fixed, needed to remove the steering rack mount bolt!).

Finally time for the test. It failed – silly things, no spare tyre (who knew!) and not screen washers (they aren’t fitted). Other than that and them not finding the bonnet release we were all good. So, hopefully a pump, bottle and wiring and we are good to go. Counting down the days now…


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