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The TVR hits the roads

Actually, looking back a lot has happened. It’s alive and running and fun. Apart from needing a new clutch slave and master cylinder it just works, now done. It could probably benefit from a bit of a rolling road tune – or I may try VE Analyze myself on the road, but the map in there seems good.

What’s it like to drive – hilarious. It’ll spin the wheels in every gear, easily. Pulling away in second, maybe third, is no problem, oh and thanks to the massive clutch it locks the wheels on the way down too. Accelerate hard and the LSD see a nice predictable slew to the left at the back and the inevitable wheel spin. I guess some stickier tyres will help, but where’s the fun in that.

So mechanically sorted, next the attention will turn to the cosmetics, she’s a little battle scarred, the hood is torn is a few places and the rear window opaque. I’ve ordered a new hood kit from the UK that should arrive in a week or 2. Beyond that I don’t really want to spend too much more on it at this stage and may pass it on to the next brave soul.

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