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Beetle, getting into that shopping list…

Well it’s been all about shopping and arranging all the missing parts and getting ready for assembly of late. The car came with boxes and boxes of parts, but there were a few fundamentals missing – the hood and carpets for one. Of course, some refurb was needed too on the engine, oh and a/c is a must too!

So about that shopping list –

  • TMI – salt and pepper loop carpet set with grey cloth binding, for the cabin, trunk and rear well. Ivory Mohair headliner, top pad kit and a black twill grain Top Cover. All ordered and should hit these shores this week.
  • The Dub Shop – a Megasquirt 2 v3, wiring harness, relay board and connectors etc. Again, should hit these shores this week.
  • Gilmore Enterprises – a full AC kit (bar the compressor that I already have) with vintage style under dash unit. Currently sat in my office
  • CB Performance – new injectors, Atomic oil cooler and fan (thermostatically controlled), remove oil bits, lambda sensor, fuel pump, new non-turbo air filter assemblies and a few other odds and sods. All in the garage ready.
  • VW Heritage – Vintage Speed Stainless Superflow exhaust, Starter motor, news lock set and keys, retrosound stereo and kick panel speakers, tie-rod ends for the change to front disks. Delivery to my hotel and picked up in London on a recent visit, now ready in the garage.

I think that, along with all the spares that came with the car just about covers it all – except perhaps the rear bumper…

Now the big job of assembly starts and reconditioning that engine.

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