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Fettling the 356

So the 356 has been finished for a while, other than some monthly run outs, it sits in the basement car park at work from week to week. I have to admit at 6v and being left for long periods, starting is a chore. It has never let me down, but five minutes sweating in the car park whilst it primes and eventually starts is always a concern.

So that and the not inconsiderable oil patches accumulating beneath it saw it head into 1000 Dunes for a tune up and some work.

It had always concerned me and provided much mirth that the exhaust was apparently upside down – and apparently ‘blueing’ the chrome overriders which was more of a concern.

So, Rob at 1000 Dunes flipped the exhaust (if only it were that simple!), sorted the leaking transmission and pulley seal, and also fitted a new king pin kit. He then played with the 123Ignition and tweaked the ignition map and the base retard. She now runs a treat and not as hot on the highway – its transformed, it also restarts when hot better.

Lastly, he fitted a 6v fuel pump I sourced and added a little push and hold button under the dash to prime the carbs before starting. It works a treat and starts really easily now. What a great mod.

So, the 356 all done for now, although I may try and get the original stereo working 🙂

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